Convenience Stores and Their Communities


More people visit a convenience store each day than any other brick-and-mortar retail location. In fact, retailers conduct 160 million transactions per day, meaning that on average half of the U.S. population is buying something at a convenience store every day. These customers frequent their favorite location to refuel and refresh with a snack, beverage and fresh-prepared meal.

A convenience store is just around the corner from many Americans: 43% say they live within a mile of a c-store, and in rural areas, more than eight in 10 residents (86%) say these locations are within 10 minutes of their home and are often the only place in town to buy grocery items, fuel or other products or services. These stores are often the community gathering spot, providing essential services for the nearby residents like food, fuel, financial services or even mail.

The industry’s importance to everyday routines is why 88% of Americans say convenience stores are essential businesses. These resources are designed to help shed insights on this dynamic and constantly evolving industry.