Partner with Feeding America

Feeding America, the nation’s largest hunger-relief organization, is partnering with convenience stores to help solve this very pressing issue. Its network of 200 food banks and more than 60,000 pantries and meal programs serves virtually every community in the nation. The network offers food assistance to more than 5 million people each week, providing more than 4.3 billion meals annually.

Working with Retailers to Rescue Food

Feeding America works with retailers – small and large - to safely rescue unsold food for hungry Americans in the communities they serve. Feeding America has made it easy for retailers to donate prepared food and packaged items.


Feeding America has created the Meal Connect program that makes it easier than ever to donate food to community agencies and food banks. Whether it’s a few dozen prepackaged items that didn’t sell or leftover bottled water from a charity event, Feeding America wants to ensure it doesn’t get thrown in a landfill.


MealConnect makes it easy for food donors and food banks to work together to prevent waste and feed their communities. When donors such as restaurants, convenience or grocery stores or cafes post food to donate on or using the free app, an algorithm determines the best suited agency to distribute the donation. The affiliated Feeding America member food bank is instantly notified and supervises the donation process. Matched agencies can arrange the pickup, or the food bank can solicit, vet and train on-call volunteer drivers to make the delivery.

If your company is already working with MealConnect to fight food waste, be sure to let customers know in the store or on social media with these editable downloads.

MealConnect was founded and is supported by NACS Hunter Club Member General Mills.

Visit MealConnect Website to learn more and get started helping those in need.

Download MealConnect One-Pager (PDF)


If you would like to create a regular, multi-store food donation program or a register customer donation program, you can connect directly with Tony Pupillo, Director of Emerging Retail at Feeding America at