Jacksons Offers Customers the Chance to Win Milk for a Year

Customers are entered to win when they use their loyalty card to buy milk.

January 11, 2024

Jacksons Food Stores and Darigold are partnering to give seven Jacksons customers milk for a year on National Milk Day, January 11, the companies announced.

Any Jacksons’ Lets Go Rewards member who uses their loyalty account when purchasing a gallon of milk or a 59-ounce carton will automatically be entered to win. Seven winners will then receive a free gallon of Darigold milk every week for a year.

“Milk is a staple of households in every community where we do business,” said Cory Jackson, president, Jackson Food Stores. “The idea of providing such a fundamental need to our neighbors for an entire year is incredibly appealing to all of us at Jacksons.”

One winner will be randomly selected from purchases made on January 11 from the seven states where Jacksons operates: Oregon, Washington, Utah, Nevada, Arizona and California.

Darigold milk is locally sourced from farmers in the northwest United States and is available at all Jacksons Food Stores. Darigold Inc. is part of the Northwest Dairy Association, which is owned by more than 300 family-owned dairy farms.

“To celebrate National Milk Day, Darigold is pleased to partner with Jacksons’ and their customers, here in our home in the Pacific Northwest, and to give seven customers the opportunity to win free milk for a year,” said Dan Bukowski, senior vice president of sales at Darigold.

Of the largest subcategories for milk, flavored milk showed the most dramatic increase in per store, per month sales during both 2020 and 2021, as well as through the first half of 2022, as reported in NACS Magazine. Flavored milk represented 34.8% of category sales in 2021, according to NACS State of the Industry® data.

Earlier this month, Weigel’s debuted banana pudding milk, saying it had “turned this iconic southern dessert into a tasty, sippable treat.”

NACS highlighted Weigel’s in Ideas 2 Go. Doug Yawberry, president, Weigel’s, talked about the retailer’s roots in the dairy industry and the evolution of its milk products.