Maverik Completes 30 Rebrands Across Utah and in the Colorado Springs Area

The rebrands will continue into Denver as Kum & Go stores in overlapping markets reopen as Maverik.

April 03, 2024

Following its acquisition of Kum & Go in 2023, Maverik announced that the adventure-themed c-store brand would rebrand existing Kum & Go  stores in shared markets. According to a press release, Maverik has completed 30 rebrands across Utah and in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and has started rebrands in the Denver area.

“Feedback from our Utah and Colorado customers has been excellent thus far and Maverik will continue to evaluate rebrands in additional markets,” said Chuck Maggelet, CEO and chief adventure guide of Maverik. “Ongoing market research as well as the results from Maverik’s initial rebranded stores will help guide future branding decisions.”

Maverik kicked off its rebranding schedule in January with four stores in its home state of Utah. Maverik announced the opening of its first rebranded Kum & Go in Draper, Utah, through LinkedIn and other social media.

The retailer also opened two Idaho stores in Meridian and Caldwell as Maverik locations.

The March 27 grand opening of the Maverik location in El Paso, Colorado, marked Maverik’s final rebrand in the Colorado Springs area. Maverik is preparing to open its first rebranded stores in the Denver area, with opening celebrations planned for next week in Aurora, Castlerock and Lakewood.

The exterior look of rebranded stores differs slightly from Maverik’s new store format, but inside, customers will find the “same products, deals, clean and welcoming atmosphere, friendly team members, and sense of adventure,” the company said.

After the Denver-area rebrands, Maverik will continue into the western side of the state, with plans to rebrand 86 total stores in Colorado. Wyoming rebrands are planned to begin in Q3.