Uber Unveils New App Features

Features include accepting SNAP and health care benefit payments.

September 22, 2023

Uber announced new features set to go live on its app either later this year or in 2024. According to the press release, the features are designed to “take the stress out of shopping for you.”

Beginning in 2024, Uber will offer SNAP recipients the ability to use their benefits to access fresh groceries from its app. Additionally, the company stated that it has been working with Managed Medicaid and Medicare Advantage plans to accept FSA Cards, Flex Cards and relevant waiver payments on Uber.

The company states that it is aiming to reduce “barriers to fresh groceries,” particularly for those who live in a food desert or struggle with transportation.

The app also will soon feature a new AI-powered conversational shopping experience. Uber consumers will be able to chat with the assistant to explore new dishes and cuisines, find deals at popular restaurants and easily reorder favorite meals to help save money and time.

Uber also said that the AI assistant will be able to help consumers meal plan, find sales and quickly order ingredients while sticking to a budget.

Uber also announced the implementation of a sales aisle in the app. Consumers will be able to find promos and deals available near them in one place.

According to Numerator, SNAP households represent nearly one-quarter (24%) of U.S. consumer goods spend. Additionally, the report found that even with government assistance, SNAP recipients feel food insecurity. Over 1 in 4 SNAP consumers (26%) say they are unable to buy enough food to feed their family.

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