Blue Yonder and Jacksons Food Stores Partner Up

The convenience retailer looks to transform its digital category management.

September 13, 2023

Blue Yonder and Jacksons Food Stores announced their partnership in a press release. Jacksons will be integrating Blue Yonder’s category management SaaS solution, and the system will be integrated by Plantensive, a Blue Yonder Partner.

Jacksons was looking to automate and improve its category management capabilities from manual processes to digital. With Blue Yonder’s SaaS solution, Jacksons will be able to upgrade to a structured category process to help move from strategy to execution quickly through leveraging advanced analytics, more strategically allocating space through data and analytics and providing each store with specific, localized assortment and shelf placement to operate efficiently.

“We are focused on providing customers with the service, products and convenience they need–when, where and how they want it,” said Cory Jackson, president, Jacksons. “To continue doing this well in today’s rapidly changing environment, we are looking forward to implementing Blue Yonder’s category management solution alongside Plantensive. This solution will allow us to meet the needs of each of our stores, serving the unique needs of each of our communities.”

In similar news, NACS Daily reported last week that ADD Systems recently partnered with Dore Stores, a Michigan-based convenience retailer, to act as the company’s software provider.