Wowee Wawa!

The PA-based convenience store continues expanding.

July 20, 2023

As a part of Wawa’s aggressive and strategic expansion plans, the Pennsylvania-based convenience and gas retailer has announced new locations in PA and New Jersey.

The land development plans for Wawa’s new store in Benner Township, PA, were approved at the Centre County Board of Commissioners meeting earlier this week. The three-party agreement to build on the land, which includes the developer, the township and the county, states that the developer agrees to reimburse the township for the processing, reviewing, inspecting and approving of the plan.

The newest location in Benner Township is situated directly across from the retailer’s rival, Sheetz, and is the farthest location outside of its base in Philadelphia. The rapidly growing area in Centre County where Wawa will open has three other gas stations in close proximity. Wawa has even proposed a “right turn only” traffic pattern for its new home on Benner Pike, according to

New Jersey is also getting a new Wawa in Lakehurst, one of six to come this year. The grand opening ceremony will include free coffee and a limited-edition Wawa t-shirt to the first 100 customers. There will also be a hoagie-building competition between the local police, fire and EMS departments.

A statement from Wawa said, “This ceremonial start gives a nod to the power of positivity and kindness that naturally occurs when Wawa customers hold the door for one another, celebrating a gesture that happens thousands of times a day at Wawa stores and makes everyone feel welcomed and appreciated.”

Wawa currently operates about 1,000 locations, largely in the mid-Atlantic region, and aims to bring its total store count to 1,800 by 2030.