Ohio Is Charging Ahead

Federal funding will support 27 new EV charging stations in the state.

July 20, 2023

Ohio has been awarded $18 million in federal funding to develop 27 new electric vehicle (EV) fast charging stations. An additional $6 million in private investments will go toward the project.

Governor of Ohio, Mike DeWine explained, “Today we have about 52,600 Ohioans who drive EVs ... As more Ohioans purchas[e] these, we want to make sure our infrastructure is prepared to accommodate them.”

The new plan aims to place a charging station about every 50 miles along Ohio’s sprawling interstate system. Clevescene.com stated, “Funding for the effort comes from the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure, or NEVI, Program. In sum, Ohio will receive $140 million in NEVI funds over the next five years. ODOT Director Jack Marchbanks said that investment will help ease concerns like ‘range anxiety’ that might deter potential EV buyers.”

Lt. Governor Jon Husted said in an announcement, “As the mix of automobiles on the road changes, we must adapt our infrastructure, and EV charging stations are a part of improving customer service for Ohio drivers and businesses .... The automobile industry is a proud part of our history, and with new investments in battery plants and EVs, the auto industry can be a source of jobs and prosperity for our future.”

Ohio was the first state in the country to release a request for charging station proposals, which positioned them ahead of other states seeking access to limited equipment and technicians for charger installations.

“Our strategy throughout this process has been intentional. Each location was bid as a separate project to give Ohio a competitive advantage, stretching every dollar available to us,” said Marchbanks. “We’re just getting started. We anticipate significant funding left over after the first two rounds that can be used to further cement Ohio’s place in this transportation revolution.” 

NACS has established relationships with organizations that seek to install and operate EV charging stations or finance and provide guidance on the installation to support the future proofing of c-stores. Learn more about the NACS Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Program here.