McDonald’s France Will Use RFID Technology for Reusable Containers

The innovation comes after throwaway containers and cutlery were banned.

July 10, 2023

On January 1 of this year, restaurants in France were prohibited from serving food in single-use packaging. According to France24, there are 30,000 fast-food outlets in the country, serving six billion meals each year.

McDonald’s is working with global RFID and RF security solutions company Checkpoint Systems to find a solution.

After a thorough consultation period spanning two years, McDonald’s France commissioned Checkpoint in 2021 to execute this project, which entails the installation of RFID hardware and software in numerous restaurants across the nation. The project promises to decrease waste by offering unparalleled real-time visibility of McDonald’s reusable tableware stock, enabling swift and efficient inventory management, optimizing restocking and safeguarding the restaurant’s inventory for future security and usability, according to a press release from Checkpoint. For example, if a container is thrown into the trash, the RFID technology allows McDonald’s to pinpoint the location and retrieve the item.

Via product consultations and lab test sessions, Checkpoint Systems pioneered one of the first-ever food-safe, water and heat-resistant RFID solutions. This design applies to everything from cups and bottles to fries’ containers, allowing them to be monitored and possibly tracked via an automated database.

Frederic Boukara, business unit director France at Checkpoint Systems, added, “As the responsibility is placed on brands and retailers to lead the way for a more environmentally friendly future, it’s crucial for organizations to adjust their business practices correspondingly without negatively affecting their profits. Therefore, we’ve offered an RFID solution to cater to the needs of McDonald’s France, which not only enhances its supply chain operations and visibility but also future-proofs the brand’s business considering environmental factors.”

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