Rutter’s Revamps Food Packaging

The company has created a new look to highlight its “Made For You” menu.

August 30, 2023

Rutter’s has recently announced the launch of their revamped food packaging in a recent press release. The new packaging includes a modern design, Rutter’s brand colors and a reminder of their “Made For You” menu.

According to Chad White, Rutter’s food service category manager, “Our goal is always to provide customers with an exceptional dining experience, and our new and improved packaging is a key part of that. It not only enhances the presentation of our food but also highlights the wide variety of options available.”

This packaging redesign comes after a recent addition to Rutter’s food menu earlier this year. In March, the convenience store retailer announced their Inspired Menu, which rotates through unique food options throughout the year.

The May 2023 issue of NACS Magazine discusses the many important roles of food packaging in a convenience store’s foodservice program. The packaging must enticingly present the food; keep the food hot (or cold), maintain the integrity of the food and be practical—able to be stacked in display cabinets and stable enough for customers to eat from while driving.

“While cost is always important, our top priority is asking, ‘Is it the right product for our food?’,” said White, “We produce high-quality products, and the wrong packaging can downgrade that quality.”