Keep Up With Your Foodservice Menu

You’ve worked hard on your foodservice offering. Here’s how to make sure your menu is always up to date.

November 08, 2022

This article is brought to you by Abierto.

Abierto-logo.pngALEXANDRIA, Va.—Loyalty is top of mind for convenience retailers, and companies are always on the hunt to find what attracts their customers. C-stores have capitalized on foodservice, as they realize a robust food offer is a key pillar in a successful store experience, which is critical to building a loyal customer base.

However, having an accurate foodservice menu that reflects what’s in stock, what limited-time offers or specials are on promotion and up-to-date pricing can be a struggle for many retailers.

“It’s a lot to manage at the store level,” said Rick Sales, president of Abierto, a digital and engagement solutions company.

Some retailers even rely on printed menus still, which are expensive and difficult to change.

“You worked so hard to get customers in the store with your foodservice offer, and you’ve tripped at the finish line because of an inaccurate menu,” said Sales.

Sales said on a recent NACS Convenience Matters podcast episode that people have expectations of how a brand communicates with them, and this includes their foodservice offerings.

“When you fail to communicate in a way that they expect, I believe you disappoint them as much as when they come into the bathroom, and the bathroom is dirty,” he said. “For retailers to be able to execute on the signage after they’ve created a great message, retailers need to have the proper toolkit.”

That toolkit, according to Sales, includes the right hardware and the right software, along with the right services that support this toolkit. Enter Abierto’s latest tool—OPEN.Menu, a digital menu solution. OPEN.Menu ensures retailers have the most up-to-date foodservice menu by allowing users to edit menu information in real time across all stores or just in certain locations, if need be. The software can update imagery, add specials, LTOs, adjust prices and any other necessary changes with the click of a button.

“Abierto’s latest solution allows c-stores to amplify the hard work and effort they put into making their foodservice menu stand out instead of menu mistakes and mishaps,” said Sales.

Learn more about Abierto’s OPEN.Menu in the Thursday, November 10 edition of NACS Daily.

This is the first installment of a two-part NACS Daily series on how convenience retailers can keep their foodservice menus accurate and up-to-date digitally and in real time. Learn more about Abierto.