A New Type of Forecourt Advertisement Is Entering the Industry

Digital displays are an innovative, creative solution to grab fueling customers’ attention.

March 24, 2022

Rutter's Forecourt at Night

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ALEXANDRIA, Va.—If pump toppers and signage aren’t engaging your forecourt customers, what’s a better method to getting them in the door? LED displays could be the solution you didn’t realize you needed.

Abierto’s Open.LED digital display is made of flexible, transparent, adhesive LED panels. Modular by design, it can be applied to a window from the inside to create an exterior image, and the image isn’t stagnant—the display can play video content and animated graphics.

When the displays are connected to software, content can be updated remotely and scheduled across multiple dayparts or updated in real time.

“LED is special because it’s a huge display, but you’re not putting up a giant billboard,” said Rick Sales, CEO of Abierto, a digital and engagement solutions company. “They’re easy to install and manage, and you can verify what’s playing in real time. No more outdated ads.”

Companies have the flexibility to create their own graphics or work with Abierto, and the messaging is easy to change and manage through Abierto’s OPEN CMS software program. (Look for more about the software in May.) The cost to purchase and install is competitive to print ads, and they are far less expensive than a comparable solution—Watchfire billboards.

“Most retailers have screens inside their store displaying dayparts, but outside screens are starting to catch up. Compared to print, if the screen lives for a while, there is a fantastic price component,” said Sales.

A recent case study by Abierto showed that 67% of customers noticed the OPED.LED signage, and among those who noticed the sign, 100% recalled at least one promotion. The study also found that the signage can trigger unplanned purchases. Fifteen percent of purchases in the case study were completely unplanned and attributed solely to information presented on the OPEN.LED signage.

“We found that OPEN.LED signage is easily noticeable and is seen as interesting and unique, meaning more promo views and recall among c-store customers,” said Sales. “This type of signage is how retailers can communicate with forecourt customers in a memorable and helpful way, thus increasing traffic and ring.”

This is the second installment of a two-part NACS Daily series on converting forecourt customers to in-store purchasers through interactive LED window displays. Learn more about Abierto’s Open.LED displays.