Olympic Fans More Likely to Choose Organic Foods

46% of Olympic fans say “Made in USA” is important to them when shopping.

February 11, 2022

Chinese Organic Food Section

ALEXANDRIA, Va.—Close to half of consumers (43%) self-identify as being interested in the Olympic games (16% say they are very interested, 27% are somewhat interested), according to a Numerator survey. Thirty-eight percent of consumers say they are uninterested in the Olympics in general.

Olympic fans are 63% more likely to seek out natural or organic foods, 28% more likely to lead an active lifestyle and 34% more likely to eat a healthy diet. Fans of the Olympics spend more of their grocery dollars on produce and wine, and less on meat and soft drinks than non-fans. Olympic fans spend more of their alcohol dollars on Truly, Titos, Yuengling and Yellow Tail, compared to non-fans.

Olympic fans have a higher level of awareness of corporate values behind the products they buy—29% are very or extremely aware of a brand’s values. Nearly half of Olympics fans (46%) say “Made in the USA” is a key factor for them when shopping for products.

Consumers who watch the Olympics are sports fans in general. They are three times more likely to be interested in sports outside of the Olympics than non fans. These Olympic fans skew older, high income, college-educated, Asian and male (compared to those who are uninterested in the Olympics). A quarter of Olympic fans are first- or second-generation Americans. Olympics fans are 81% more likely to think advertising is entertaining and 53% more likely to trust advertised brands.