Chevron Singapore Launches Voluntary Carbon Offset Program

Meanwhile, a new Japanese convenience store could rival 7-Eleven.

April 04, 2022

Bringing Down C02 Greenhouse Gasses

SINGAPORE—Chevron Singapore, which markets the Caltex retail brand in Singapore, has launched a new program called Caltex Carbon Offset Programme, which is the first voluntary carbon offset program for its Caltex service stations in Singapore.

Integrated into CaltexGO, Caltex’s mobile payment app, customers enrolled in the Caltex loyalty program can choose to opt-in and use their loyalty points earned from their fuel purchase to offset a portion of the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from the combustion of the fuel purchased when they pay for their fuel purchases via the CaltexGO app.

Using loyalty points voluntarily contributed by customers enrolled in the Caltex loyalty program, Caltex and/or its affiliates will purchase verifiable carbon offsets from projects that reduce, remove or avoid portion of GHG emissions from the atmosphere and retire such carbon offsets on a monthly basis, so as to offset a portion of the greenhouse gas emissions from the combustion of relevant fuel purchased.

When customers fuel up at Caltex service stations and pay via the CaltexGO app, a fuel purchase of 50 liters will generate 100 loyalty points. The customer may opt in to contribute their loyalty points earned from their fuel purchase toward the purchase of carbon offsets and offset a portion of the GHG emissions from the combustion of their fuel purchased. These carbon offsets are verified by the Verified Carbon Standard Program, an independent third-party.

For the launch, Chevron Singapore will purchase carbon offsets from identified nature-based projects from the Verra registry.

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Meanwhile, in Japan, a new convenience store has launched that could rival 7-Eleven, SoraNews24 reports. Sakura Mikura opened four locations in Gunma Prefecture in 2021, and the brand is owned by Zensho Holdings, which operates the Sukiya beef bowl chain, the Hama Sushi conveyor belt sushi chain and the Cocos family restaurant chain.

The food at Sakura Mikura is set up to be more like a fast food counter, with an extensive menu that includes options like bento lunches, curry dishes, bento, pasta and rice bowls, all made to order, and customers can eat inside the convenience store.

The Japanese c-store also offers products made by local companies, not unlike Seicomart—a chain that is only on Japan’s northernmost island of Hokkaido. Seicomart is known for its local pride, says SoraNews24, and Sakura Mikura could eventually develop a loyal, local customer fanbase as well.