Weigel's Celebrates NIL Partnership Success

Partnering with the local community has significantly boosted the retailer's social media presence.

March 22, 2024

Weigel's, the East Tennessee convenience store chain, celebrated the success of its Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) partnerships with four University of Tennessee athletes: Christian Moore (baseball), Karlyn Pickens (softball), Zakai Zeigler (basketball) and Tess Darby (women's basketball).

Weigel’s said that through these innovative partnerships, it was able to launch a series of loyalty offers that have not only engaged the local community but also “significantly boosted the brand's social media presence.”

When Christian Moore hits a home run, customers can celebrate with a free 24 oz Coke. Karlyn Pickens' six strikeouts in a game mean free Cokes for fans. And when Zakai Zeigler or Tess Darby hit three 3-pointers in a game, customers enjoy 20 cents off a gallon of gas when buying a Gatorade.

"We are absolutely delighted with the success of our NIL partnerships," said Nick Triantafellou, director of marketing at Weigel's. "Over 1,000 people are redeeming their free Cokes, and this is all driven through social engagement. It's been a win-win situation, where we've been able to support local talent while also bringing our customers exciting offers that celebrate the achievements of these amazing athletes."

The response from the community has been overwhelmingly positive, with customers actively participating in the loyalty offers and celebrating the achievements of these talented athletes. The excitement generated by these offers has led to a surge in social media engagement, with fans eagerly sharing their experiences and supporting both the athletes and Weigel's.

According to the press release, the significant increase in social media engagement has been a highlight of this initiative. Weigel's has seen an uptick in followers, likes, shares and comments across its social media platforms.

"Social media has had tremendous numbers and increases in engagement, plus has seen over a double-digit increase in followers since our 2024 NIL athletes started," remarked Triantafellou. “The coolest thing has been that we don't have to monitor the games anymore really, fans on social let us know the second one of our athletes hits their mark for our deal.”

The NIL partnerships have had a positive impact on Weigel's rewards program, with a noticeable increase in sign-ups and participation. "Our rewards program has seen a significant boost since the introduction of these loyalty offers," said Jessica Starnes, director of loyalty at Weigel’s. "Redemption rates for Gatorade are 40% and climbing for the NIL fuel rewards deal. Customers are more engaged than ever, and we're thrilled to see the program grow as a result of this initiative."

In October, NACS Magazine covered the opportunities that c-stores have with NIL deals, including Weigel’s own NIL partnerships. Triantafellou called the NIL market a “no-brainer.” Learn more about NIL partnerships in “A Slam Dunk for C-Stores.”