Survey: More Americans Embrace Dry January in 2024

Interest in sober lifestyles and ‘damp drinking’ ticks up.

January 15, 2024

The new year is fully in motion and for those struggling with a Dry January resolution, take solace, you have power in numbers. 27% of U.S. survey respondents (aged 21+) were highly likely to participate in Dry January this year versus 24% in 2023, according to data from CivicScience.

Of those who plan to follow Dry January in 2024, about 24% are “very interested” in mocktails and other non-alcoholic drinks, and an additional 32% are “somewhat interested”—suggesting there may be a place at the table for these beverages, said CivicScience.

As USA Today reported in October based on NIQ supermarket data, non-alcoholic sales have consistently climbed over the past five years, and 94% of those who are buying non-alcoholic products continue to buy beer, wine, spirits and other products with alcohol.

From a marketing standpoint, brands are finding they have to get more creative with their campaigns to stand out as Dry January becomes more popular, said Modern Retail.

Blue Moon launched its first non-alcoholic beer last summer. White Claw recently introduced a 0% alcohol version of its popular spiked seltzer.

With the rise of sober curiosity and increasing product availability, one-fifth of adults consume non-alcoholic beverage alternatives monthly, according to customer experience platform Disqo. Stephen Jepson, EVP of advertising effectiveness at Disqo, described January as “the NA industry’s Super Bowl.”

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