CES 2024: Auto Highlights From the Show

From EVs to advanced AI, companies large and small brought their latest tech to Las Vegas.

January 15, 2024

CES 2024 offered a glimpse into the technology trends of the upcoming year. According to a report from CNET, the biggest trends in car technology could be broken down into three areas: electrification, new ways to move and the arrival of language-based AI in the dashboard.

Advancements in language AI will be arriving in the dashboard to make talking to a car easier and more natural. Soon, rather than memorizing commands like "navigation" or "send an SMS," drivers may be able to ask their car to "find a taqueria nearby with good burritos and EV charging, send that to my wife with a text that says 'meet me there' and then start guidance," and the car will just make it work, reported CNET.

CNET highlighted the partnership between Volkswagen and Cerence to integrate the AI-powered chatbot into the automaker's Ida voice assistant. Among the first vehicles to support ChatGPT natively will be VW's electric ID 4 and ID 3; the upcoming ID 7 and ID 5 EVs; and the combustion-powered Tiguan, Passat and Golf, Volkswagen said.

Hydrogen power was on display. Nikola showed one of its first U.S.-built hydrogen trucks, which it is starting to ship to customers. Another startup at the Vegas trade show, Croft Motors, is developing “rugged” hydrogen-powered vehicles. The firm is starting with a three-row, prototype SUV with an “anticipated 1,000 miles of driving range,” co-founder Isaac Holeman told TechCrunch.

Honda premiered two concept vehicles, the Saloon and Space-Hub, for a new global electric vehicle series. The Japanese automaker says the Zero Series approach for EV development focuses on models that are “thin, light and wise,” with specific goals to minimize battery size, reported AP News.

Kia revealed its modular EV lineup. Both the electric powertrain and the vehicles’ tops are modular. According to The Verge, “the driver cab remains fixed while the rest of the vehicle is interchangeable, like a real-life Duplo set.” A three-row van, the Kia PV5, is targeting an approximate $35,000 price tag and a 2025 launch.