White Claw Announces New Seltzer for Dry January

White Claw 0% Alcohol will come in four different flavors.

December 07, 2023

White Claw is entering into a new beverage category with the launch of its new White Claw 0% Alcohol, a seltzer for adults that the company says “tastes, feels and looks like no other non-alcoholic drink.”

A new survey from White Claw found that the majority of people who drink alcohol (69%), Gen Z (81%), and Millennials (78%) are interested in exploring a "sober curious" or "damp" lifestyle. However, 63% of consumers say feelings of expectations and pressure from others, along with the fear of being judged, are making it challenging for them to avoid drinking alcohol during drinking occasions.

The survey by White Claw found that the majority (64%) of consumers wish there were better non-alcoholic options available. In fact, consumers would be more likely to choose non-alcoholic drinks if there were flavors they liked (83%), were from brands they know (72%), had electrolytes (72%) and were low in sugar (71%).  

"The industry is ripe for disruption as demand for flavorful, non-alcoholic drinks is on the rise … White Claw 0% Alcohol paves the way for an entirely new adult beverage," said Phil Rosse, president, Mark Anthony Brands Inc. "Our newest breakthrough completely reimagines the idea of drinking by delivering the first ever elevated non-alcoholic choice with the complex taste and feel of a real drink... ." 

"White Claw 0% Alcohol is made non-alcoholic from the start, so it's not a lesser version of anything, it's more. The result is a bold, refreshing choice that tastes like no other adult drink available," added Rosse. "White Claw 0% Alcohol is a drink for all drinkers that empowers you to say 'yes' to more adult drinking occasions. We're proud to continue to bring new and meaningful innovations that make a difference in people's lives."  

White Claw 0% Alcohol features four flavors with two grams of sugar and 15 calories per each 12 oz. can and will be available in variety 12-packs and single flavor 6-packs. Flavors include black cherry cranberry, mango passionfruit, peach orange blossom and lime yuzu. The beverage will begin to roll out in the United States on January 1 in time for Dry January.

While still very small, non-alcoholic beer, wine and spirits sales are booming. NIQ reported that for the 52 weeks ended April 8, 2023, off-premise sales of non-alcoholic products reached $462 million, a 26% increase from the year prior. Non-alcoholic beers represent the lion’s share of the segment, but all three categories are registering double-digit growth, according to NIQ.

Learn more about the increasing demand for non-alcoholic options in “Damp Drinking,” an article from the September 2023 issue of NACS Magazine.