Tater Tots, Heat and Sweet, and More Menu Innovations

C-stores introduce specials and new foodservice items.

February 06, 2024

GetGo celebrated National Tater Tot Day on February 2, which is also the birthday of GetGo’s mascot Lil Tot. Customers who used their loyalty card earned free tots with any in-store made-to-order food purchase.

Stewart’s Shops, meanwhile, is introducing a new menu item that sits at the intersection of spicy and comfort food: the Spicy Chicken Wafflewich. According to the retailer, the spicy chicken patty and maple-infused waffles create a “symphony of heat and sweet.” In addition, “the Spicy Chicken Wafflewich wrapper also stands out in our warmers with its classic red and white basket logo for a taste of Southern comfort right in your backyard.”

In January, High’s added a crab dip pretzel. The menu item is the result of a partnership with Trout's Seafood, which delivers seafood in the Mid-Atlantic region. It also introduced biscuits and gravy and a sausage gravy pizza.

Arko unveiled a $4.99 whole pizza. In development for over a year, the pizza is available in both cheese and pepperoni and features a self-rising crust and Wisconsin cheese, the company said.

“Having a value pizza offering is table stakes for convenience store operators, and we have raised the ante with the exceptional quality resulting from a thorough research and development process executed in concert with a premier pizza innovation team,” said Arie Kotler, chairman, president and chief executive officer of Arko. “We strongly believe this pie will resonate with consumers who are seeking a delicious, crispy and cheesy whole pizza, at an inflation-busting $4.99. The relevancy, quality and value of this pizza marks a new milestone as we continue our food journey.”

Convenience store operators looking to elevate their food service offerings are doing so now with data and an analytical perspective. Read more about “Building a Better Menu” in the October 2023 issue of NACS Magazine.