UPCOMING: Leveraging Remote Monitoring Across 10,000 C-Stores

A free webinar explores how to improve operational efficiency.

February 20, 2024

Managing c-store facility operations comes with its own set of challenges. With numerous stakeholders involved—from bureau teams to in-house operations staff and executives—speed of responses and resolutions is everything.

Join NACS for the upcoming webinar “Leveraging Remote Monitoring Across 10,000 C-stores for Seamless Multisite FM Operations” on February 29, 2024, at 2:00 p.m. EST.

In this webinar, join Basant Singhatwadia, director of customer success at Facilio, and Jonathon Wolter, director of sales at Tutenlabs, as they discuss the importance of a unified software-led approach to manage end-to-end store operations.

The two will discuss how tying system performance monitoring with maintenance management can help facility management teams reduce alarm fatigue, reduce unnecessary truck roll and improve overall facility performance.

Attendees will learn firsthand how Tutenlabs was able to affect changes across 10,000 stores by leveraging an IoT monitoring system to:

  • Manage BMS controllers of their clients to collect alarm data.
  • Convert alarms to work orders by combining remote monitoring with maintenance.
  • Reduce alarm fatigue by prioritizing based on severity.

Singhatwadia and Wolter will also discuss how you can remote monitor and set up a connected platform solution that can future-proof all your retail stores.