Welcome to a C-Store Bathroom Wedding

Hop Shops will host a ‘disco-bathroom’ wedding on Valentine’s Day with Hop Shops-themed vows.

February 02, 2024

Kentucky-based convenience retailer Hop Shops, known for its disco bathrooms, announced that on Valentine’s Day it will host a “Disco Bathroom Wedding.”

According to Hop Shops, “With vibrant colors, glittering disco balls and a pulsating beat, this Valentine’s Day celebration promises to be a wedding like no other.”

At the Verona, Kentucky, location on Wednesday, February 14, a couple will tie the knot in “a disco haven,” complete with custom vows inspired by their chosen venue. Following a ceremony performed by the Hop Shops district manager, who is also a licensed minister, the couple will “Push the Red Button” together and then dance to a song of their choice.

Some guests will be invited to join the celebration in the disco bathroom, but the wedding will also be streamed to TV monitors inside the stores for others to watch.

The stores will be decorated with special signage, featuring “Disco Love quotes.” The couple will receive a handmade, custom disco sign as a keepsake.

The idea for the disco bathrooms originated in 2022, when Damon Bail, VP of retail marketing and operations with Valor Oil, shared the idea. From there, he found the resources and experts to make it happen.

The bathrooms are newly remodeled, and the special disco feature comes with a red button on the wall with a sign that says “Do Not Push the Red Button.” If people do push the button, “The lights go down, the music starts, colorful spotlights come on and the disco ball starts spinning.”

There are currently six Hop Shops convenience stores that feature the disco bathrooms, each with a different song:

  • Verona HOP Shops 2832, Verona, Kentucky—playing The BeeGees “Stayin Alive.”
  • Florence HOP Shops 8063, Florence, Kentucky—playing Rhianna’s “Diamonds.”
  • Walton HOP Shops 195, Walton, Kentucky—playing Bill Medley’s “Time of My Life.”
  • Carrollton HOP Shops 3213, Carrollton, Kentucky—playing Abba’s “Dancing Queen.”
  • Maineville HOP Shops 3189, Maineville, Ohio—playing Miley Cyrus’ “Party in the USA.”
  • Mt Zion HOP Shops 430, Florence, Kentucky—playing Bruce Springsteen’s “Dancing in

In October 2023, the c-store found success on TikTok for its disco bathroom, reported NACS Daily.