Rutter’s Refreshes Handcrafted Beverage Menu

The convenience retailer adds new options to its menu, including refreshers and Red Bull smoothies.

September 07, 2023

Rutter’s has announced that it’s expanded the handcrafted beverage menu with new options, including new Refreshers and more Red Bull smoothie flavors. The items are available this month and can be found in Rutter’s across the country.

The newly launched Refreshers come in two flavors: blueberry chai and strawberry hibiscus.

In addition to the classic and sugar-free Red Bull flavors, the line of Red Bull smoothies now includes flavors such as strawberry apricot (amber edition), watermelon (red edition) and blueberry (blue edition).

Other options on the handcrafted beverage menu include frappes, lattes (hot or iced), frozen lemonades, smoothies and shakes.

Rutter’s also recently revamped its food packaging to prioritize quality and promote its inspired menu. The packaging includes a modern design using Rutter’s brand colors and the quote “Made for You” to remind customers of the inspired menu.

“The goal at Rutter’s is to continue giving our customers new and exciting food options to choose from,” said Chad White, Rutter’s food service category manager.