JUXTA Introduces Autonomous Retail Stores

Portable c-stores can offer EV customers more options while they charge.

September 06, 2023

JUXTA, a global technology and micro convenience retail store provider, has announced its fully autonomous and pre-assembled portable c-store model, JUXTA Nomad, to supplement EV charging stations and help traditional fueling stations transition.

“Our mission is to support station operators transitioning from traditional hydrocarbon fuel stations to EV charging points and collaborate with established retail brands to extend their presence beyond fuel pumps by adding value to the charging station experience and driving top-line growth,” said Om Shankar, JUXTA co-founder and CEO in a company press release.

JUXTA Nomad partners with retailers looking to elevate their convenience or to bring options to customers in hard-to-reach places, like a music festival. Colorado-based retailer, Choice Market, has partnered with JUXTA Nomad to bring convenience to customers attending a four-day music festival in Colorado this month before permanently operating out of Denver.

JUXTA Nomads are fully equipped and portable and can be set up in 12 hours. Automatic payment technology allows customers to shop quickly and leave without manual check-out, and JUXTA dashboard provides comprehensive data to enable operators to optimize retail strategy with hyper-targeted customer offers, according to the press release.

“The JUXTA Nomad offers the most profitable per square foot retail format in the world,” explains Shankar. “Each Nomad also provides customers with a comprehensive suite of real-time data, enabling them to optimize their retail strategy and precision-target their customers by stocking only high-demand items to reduce waste and enhance profitability.”

As a venture from Vontier Corporation, the parent company of Gilbarco Veeder Root, JUXTA Nomad explains the benefits of modular c-stores at locations with fuel-only forecourts or car wash-only sites and for those looking to remodel, “The use cases are really exciting. We talked to a retailer that plans to refurbish a portion of its 200-site network. You can now avoid the downtime those stores suffer by having one or two modular stores moving around. This is not meant to kill off the existing c-store; it’s the extension of that concept,” said Shankar in a Q & A from Petrol Plaza.