PREVIEW: Geofencing: The Secret to Boosting Sales

Learn how geofencing can leverage, maximize and integrate location services.

July 06, 2023

Customers have long enjoyed the convenience of dashing into a c-store and grabbing a quick drink or bite after filling up their tank. However, with increasing competition and higher customer expectations, c-stores have had to step up their game. They've done so by offering mobile apps and order-ahead options, doubling down on convenience.

Now, fuel and convenience brands are taking things a step further by using geofencing to provide even better customer experiences and increase foot traffic and sales.

In this upcoming webinar, featuring Nick Patrick, CEO at Radar, and Sean Marrero, senior director partner ecosystem from Olo, you will learn:

  • How location data can be leveraged to improve customer experiences
  • Tactics for maximizing the use of location data
  • Ways geofencing integrates into the modern c-store technology infrastructure

Register today and attend the webinar Geofencing: The Secret to Boosting Your C-Store Sales on Tuesday, July 11, 2023, at 2 p.m. EST to learn more about how location services can put your c-store on the map.