Coca-Cola Will Use AI for Personalized Marketing

The beverage maker has partnered with Bain & Company and Open AI.

February 23, 2023

ALEXANDRIA, Va.—Consultancy Bain & Company has been working with OpenAI for the past year and is now bringing the technology to its clients. The Coca-Cola Company will be an early adapter.

OpenAI is the company behind chatbot ChatGPT and DALL-E, a digital image creator.

“Coca-Cola says it has already identified several marketing use cases for OpenAI’s artificial intelligence tech and is set to start experimenting,” reports The Grocer.

“There’s so much to potentially go after,” said John Murphy, president and chief financial officer of The Coca-Cola Company. “We have a couple of really interesting cases with the marketing team to enhance the work that we’re already doing with our new marketing model, and to be able to marry the ability to deliver creative content at speed and to do it with exponential efficiency.”

“Coca-Cola’s vision for the adoption of OpenAI’s technology is the most ambitious we have seen of any consumer products company,” said Zack Kass, chief customer officer of OpenAI.

Bain’s announcement of its partnership with OpenAI provides more context for how the tech might be used: “Generative AI uses sophisticated machine learning models to produce entirely original content such as images, text and more. Beyond a compelling novelty, platforms such as ChatGPT, DALL-E and Codex offer tangible benefits across industries and business functions—hyperefficient content creation, highly personalized marketing, more streamlined customer service operations, to name just a few. Advances in neural networks have pushed generative AI to an inflection point, giving early adopters a golden opportunity to make their mark.”

AI is already making an impact in retail. At the NACS Leadership Forum this month, a panel discussed how AI is changing loss prevention.