7-Eleven Mexico Partners With Blue Yonder and GOLDCO

The partnership aims to ramp up 7-Eleven Mexico’s category management.

December 08, 2023

7-Eleven Mexico installed Blue Yonder’s SaaS solution in order to address a gap in its retail operations and gain the ability to create planograms, reported Retail Technology Innovation Hub. According to the company, this has resulted in minimizing out-of-stock products and offers a better consumer shopping experience.

“We were seeking a solution that would allow us to align our commercial strategy, space management and product availability. Blue Yonder’s category management solution offers us the ability to integrate its capabilities into our strategic, tactic and operational processes, allowing us to communicate information and strategy effectively and efficiently throughout the organization,” said Gabriel Aranda, revenue manager at 7-Eleven Mexico.

7-Eleven Mexico’s goals with the new SaaS solution were automating and improving its category management capabilities from manual processes, noted Retail Technology Innovation Hub.

With the new category management system, 7-Eleven Mexico is now able to optimize layouts across stores, optimizing space and reducing out-of-stocks.

“We are excited to see the space planning transformation that 7-Eleven Mexico has seen as a result of our category management solution,” said Jorge Sanchez, corporate vice president, Latin America, Blue Yonder. “The solution leverages granular shopper insights, data analytics and automation to optimize space and floor planning for 7-Eleven Mexico. This then ensures that they have the right inventory on the right shelves at the right stores.”

The project was implemented by GOLDCO, a Blue Yonder partner.

“As a Blue Yonder consolidated partner and expert in category management strategy, we were excited to be part of this project. We are excited to see the impact this Blue Yonder solution has on 7-Eleven Mexico’s business. We will continue supporting 7-Eleven Mexico throughout this rollout, and we look forward to seeing how our partnership can achieve greater goals in the years to come,” says Jorge Mosqueda, practice director, GOLDCO.

Elsewhere, 7-Eleven Japan announced that it plans on using a generative artificial intelligence system in its product planning strategy. The company created its own cloud-based information technology system equipped with generative AI from OpenAI, Stability AI and Google to collect data from customer sales, product manufacturers and social media. AI will then process the data to recognize consumer trends and draft proposals for new products.