Burger King’s Turnaround Plan Is Working

The fast-food chain is selling more Whoppers than ever before.

April 17, 2023

ALEXANDRIA, Va.—Seven months ago, Burger King revealed a plan for how it would reinvigorate its U.S. sales. Today, the burger chain has succeeded and is selling more Whoppers than ever, CNBC reports.

Operations improvement, along with new ad campaigns, have increased sales and customer satisfaction, according to Tom Curtis, Burger King U.S. president. During the first quarter of 2023, Burger King’s U.S. same-store sales jumped 5%. Franchisees worked with corporate and parent company Restaurant Brands International to develop the plan, which came with a $400 million price tag. The plan focused on redoing restaurants and paying more for marketing.

Last September, Burger King announced its “Reclaim the Flame” initiative, which included an in-store training program on greeting customers, giving out Burger King crowns and making Whoppers the right way. The chain also connected with its general managers, holding round table discussions in 45 cities that included details on conducting a five-week-long deep clean of restaurants. Curtis claims a 20% uplift in guest satisfaction as a result.

During the fall, Burger King debuted its new “You Rule” marketing program. The “Whopper Whopper” jingle from the campaign went viral, and it has nearly 3.3 million streams from Spotify.

“We’re selling more Whoppers than we ever have. It’s had a really positive impact that we didn’t pay for or foresee on the business ... it’s really exceeded my expectations,” Curtis said.

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