Love’s Travel Stops Helps Customers Meet Their ESG Goals

Love’s alternative and renewable fuels unit Trillium will partner with engine maker Cummins on the initiative.

May 05, 2022

Love's Travel Stops Fueling Station

HOUSTON— Trillium, owned by the Love’s Family of Companies, and Cummins Inc. have partnered to help customers use alternative fuel and zero emission technologies by providing the information, technology and infrastructure needed to save them time and money.

“Together Trillium and Love’s provide customers a variety of fueling options across the country. This new relationship will make it easier for customers wanting to make the switch to zero- and near-zero emission vehicles,” said Ryan Erickson, vice president of Trillium. “With Trillium’s clean fueling options and Cummins’ powertrain expertise, we’re convinced together we can help our customers meet their ESG goals.”

Currently, Trillium offers renewable natural gas, compressed natural gas, electric vehicle charging and hydrogen fueling options for light- and heavy-duty vehicles at over 200 locations across the U.S., including Trillium-branded stations and Love’s Travel Stops.

Cummins’ portfolio of power solutions for commercial vehicles include diesel, natural gas and hydrogen internal combustion engine-based powertrains, as well as battery electric and fuel-cell electric powertrains.

“Our customers have ambitious sustainability goals, and some have aggressive timelines to reach them. Bringing others to the table is a key piece of our strategy to remove barriers and enable the adoption of lower carbon power solutions,” said Amy Boerger, vice president of North American Engine Business at Cummins Inc.

“In Love’s and Trillium, we have found partners who are committed to investing in fueling and charging infrastructure that will give our customers choices so we can meet them no matter where they are in their sustainability journey,” Boerger said.