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Fueling up is so easy and so convenient that just about every one of the nearly 40 million Americans who fill up every day don’t think twice about it, unless things aren’t as easy or convenient. We give you an insider’s view at how fuel is produced, refined and ultimately sold at convenience stores across the United States. And, we look at some of the issues that could affect an otherwise easy and convenient fill up.

Latest News

June 5, 2020 NEW
Coalition Urges Support EV Charging Private Investment
NACS joined NATSO and other groups to urge Congress to consider private sector investment for EV charging solutions. 
June 3, 2020 NEW
More People Drive as Gas Prices Stay Low
Meanwhile, Ford still sees a bright future for electric vehicles.
June 3, 2020 NEW
Switching to EMV the Easy Way
This week’s Convenience Matters podcast helps retailers figure out how to do EMV upgrades.
May 28, 2020
The Fizz in Soda, Beer Costs More These Days
Because people have been driving less, the nation’s supply of carbon dioxide has dropped. 

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