New York Utility Partners With NACS to Fund EV Charger Deployment

The program deploys EV charging equipment at convenience stores at no cost to the retailer.

August 04, 2022

New Yorker Charges EV

ALEXANDRIA, Va.—The New York Power Authority (NYPA) is working with the NACS EV Charging Infrastructure Program to fund the deployment of EV charging equipment at convenience stores within the state of New York. Convenience stores in the state that are selected for the program can participate at no cost to them.

The NYPA EVolve Program is part of the state’s plan to become a leader in electric vehicle infrastructure. EVolve NY's goal is to make EVs an affordable, viable option as part of a larger initiative to provide cleaner air for New Yorkers. The initiative includes a major expansion in the state’s fast charging stations, programs to educate consumers about the benefits of EVs and incentives to promote their adoption.

NYPA will install, maintain and operate four 150kW DCFC (Level 3) EV chargers at a convenience store site. The power authority will work with the local utility for any utility upgrade that is required.

For convenience stores selected for the program, there is a 10-year commitment required, and they must allocate four to five parking spots for chargers, plus an approximately 10-feet by 20-feet area for the power equipment to feed the chargers. The c-store must keep those parking spots clear of snow and other hazards, and parking at charger locations must be exclusive to EV charging.

New York convenience stores locations that participate in the program must be located less than one mile from a major corridor, and they must have bathrooms, food/coffee and shopping available at the charging location or within walking distance (ideally available 24/7).

For more information, please contact Philip Saglimbene of NYPA at For questions about the NACS EV charging infrastructure support program, please contact Karl Doenges at

NACS also will be launching its automated matchmaking program next month, connecting members with EVSE (electric vehicle supply equipment) vendors and financing companies. Look for more news on the program in an upcoming issue of NACS Daily.

A recent Convenience Matters podcast episode discusses how EVs are the future, and another episode explains how convenience retailers can attract and retain EV customers.

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