Electric Era Launches Referral Program

The program will pay EV drivers and site hosts for referring potential host locations.

January 10, 2024

Electric Era Technologies, a provider of electric vehicle (EV) fast charging stations, announced its referral program that allows EV drivers and site hosts to get paid for referring eligible site hosts for its PowerNode EV fast-charging stations along major highway corridors throughout Washington, Oregon and California. Eligible site hosts receive additional monthly payments for use of their parking spots.

“We are seeing EV demand and sales surge, and we’re working to reduce one of the primary barriers to EV adoption, access to reliable EV charging station locations for drivers. Our referral program is powering a grassroots movement to build our network of tens of thousands of EV fast-charging stations across America,” said Quincy Lee, founder and CEO of Electric Era. “With our new referral program, consumers and convenience retailers are finally behind the wheel of helping increase the number of reliable EV fast-charging stations where they’re needed most along West Coast highways.”

The referral program offers EV advocates and small business owners up to $1,500 each for a referral that leads to a successful installation.

Referral partners should first fill out the referral program form on Electric Era’s website, then follow the directions. Ideal sites for PowerNode fast-charging stations meet the following criteria:

  • Gas station, convenience store or quick service retailer.
  • Located within one mile of a major highway.
  • A minimum of twelve parking spaces.

PowerNode EV fast charging provides EV refill on an accelerated timeline without grid updates and utility bills, the company said. The charging stations are battery-backed and leverage a proprietary, vertically-integrated software system for intelligent energy management and integrated reliability features. PowerNode can serve as a backup power supply to certain retail sites in the event of a power outage, according to Electric Era.

Plaid Pantry CEO Jonathan Polonsky commented on the ribbon cutting of the convenience store chain’s first commercial install of a PowerNode fast charging station in this video. Electric Era is currently installing its PowerNode fast-charging station at seven sites, including five sites near the I-5 corridor through Washington, Oregon and California.

In a recent Convenience Matter podcast, Polonsky appeared as a guest host to talk about how the company is approaching EV charging.