Highways & Infrastructure

Congress is working on legislation to build and invest in our nation’s infrastructure and highway system.  The White House released principles regarding their infrastructure priorities.  While there is bipartisan support for infrastructure and highway legislation, how to pay for this investment and ensure the health of the highway trust fund is more complicated.  Policymakers will be searching for funding sources, including private-public partnerships, a possible increase to the gasoline excise tax, new user fees, and other proposals to ensure all motor vehicles pay their fair share of using our highways and roads, to improve our nation’s highways, roads and bridges.

Rest Area Commercialization

NACS opposes overturning the ban that prohibits commercial services at rest areas. NACS is part of a broad anti-commercialization coalition, which includes the National League of Cities, the National Restaurant Association, and the National Federation of the Blind.

Transportation & Infrastructure Funding

A well maintained highway system is vital to our economy and to our industry, which sells 80% of the motor fuels in the United States.