Telling Stories With Press Release

PR-microphone.jpgAs the digital age continues to evolve, the tried and true press release remains a viable media outreach tool—but you may not want to fax it.

Developing a Press Release

Journalists continue to rely on press releases for relevant information and topics that help support their stories. While social media can quickly expose your company’s messages and content, a well-crafted press release is where the rubber hits the pavement. Maureen Beard, senior content specialist with Cision PR Newswire, offers six tips for writing a press release that reaches your audience. Here are some highlights:

1. Start With a Relevant, Newsworthy Topic
2. Grab Them With a Good Headline
3. Keep It Short
4. Call to Action
5. Include Quotes
6. Show More With Multimedia

Above all, proofread your work—walk away, stretch your legs and revisit the press release with fresh eyes and enlist colleagues to give it a once-over before hitting send.