Communicating Your Brand’s Story

Enhancing your company’s image around positive messages is an important element of brand building. It’s an opportunity to tell your company’s story, generate positive community engagement, build employee satisfaction and attract loyal customers.

Telling stories also encompasses more than press coverage—it’s about projecting the message that you want to convey about your business. Stories will be written about your business, whether online or in print, so it’s up to you to control the narrative. 

media-interview.jpgThink about how building a media outreach program can benefit your company in several ways: 

You may consider contracting with a public relations professional or agency. Although they may know the best tools of the trade, they often don’t know the intimate details/day-to-day operations of your business. So, even if you contract your company’s public relations work, you should remain engaged by developing a media outreach plan, both in terms of educating the agency about your company and identifying and preparing your company’s spokesperson.

If you don’t have the resources for a public relations firm, consider working with a local community college or university. Most have journalism students who crave real-world experience. Think about contacting the school to see what kinds of programs you can develop. This is also the age group most familiar with new techniques for digital communications and integrating social media campaigns. These students may also become your biggest advocates and influencers.

  1. Build Consumer Recognition
    A favorable mention for your business in the news can provide more value than buying an advertisement. This can increase consumer awareness of your company’s name, mission, unique offer and retail locations.
  2. Improve Employee Satisfaction
    Show your employees that you value their contributions and let prospective job seekers know that your company is an excellent place to work. Tell the media about promotions, your participation in local charity events and educational accomplishments like scholarship programs and donating to local schools. Also, allow employees to share their pride in your business.
  3. Help Generate Positive Coverage for Your Industry
    Your media-relations efforts can help the entire convenience store industry by generating positive coverage of its people, its accomplishments and its contributions to the economy.
Prepping for Media Interviews
Talking With Reporters
Tips for Virtual Interviews