How to Find the Right Better-For-You Options

KeHE Distributors helps retailers identify the better-for-you products that will sell.

May 30, 2024

This article is brought to you by KeHE Distributors.

Convenience store shoppers are looking for better-for-you options, with data from Mintel showing that 65% of consumers are putting a lot of thought into what they eat.

“There is a growing demand for healthier and fresh options in convenience retail, and while specific categories like healthy snacks and beverages are often mentioned, the broader trend indicates a general consumer interest in more nutritious and better-for-you food and beverage choices,” said Brad Helmer, EVP of business development at KeHE Distributors.

Additionally, demand is growing for high-quality, ready-to-eat fresh packaged foods, with 30% of consumers indicating they would be more motivated to visit a convenience store if such options were available.

“At KeHE Distributors, we understand that small format convenience stores don’t have the space to add a multitude of new products,” Helmer said. “It’s really important for operators to know which products will appeal to their consumers … which products will deliver volume, and which will drive growth.”

KeHE Distributors helps retailers choose new products through syndicated data, looking at product and item movement trends in their area. The company uses data to show operators that “these products, if you put them on your shelves today, are going to move at a high volume. These other products are going to grow and you’re going to see double-digit growth in sales.”

Helmer said, “We’re not suggesting that convenience retailers replace what is working for them but begin to evolve their assortment in smart ways that help them expand their business and attract more consumers.”

In addition to knowledge and data on what works best on the shelves, KeHE Distributors offers over 8,000 products in its Fresh Marketplace, offering options in bakery, deli, proteins, specialty cheese and bulk options. Helmer noted that these products can translate to convenience in many ways. “They can enhance coolers with grab-and-go options, such as hummus dips and chips, or selections of meat and cheese for lunch on the go.”

Earlier this week, Helmer discussed the rising demand for better-for-you products in convenience stores in the first part of this two-part series. Learn more about KeHE Distributors here.