Rocket Partners With HappyOrNot

The company will roll out customer satisfaction kiosks to all its locations.

May 21, 2024

West Coast convenience retailer Rocket partnered with HappyOrNot to roll out the company’s feedback management solution in all 462 Rocket locations across California, Oregon, Washington and Colorado.

Rocket’s partnership with HappyOrNot began in 2021 as a pilot program at 10 sites. The real-time actionable feedback, collected from the Smiley Touch and Smiley Terminal kiosks, led to an expanded rollout to 40 locations in April 2022.

Rollout of the program includes a HappyOrNot Smiley Touch at each store exit and a Smiley Wall in every restroom. Feedback provided on the kiosks will help Rocket track and measure key service and loyalty metrics, including customer service, speed of service, cleanliness, pricing, restrooms and product selection, the company said.

“We recognize HappyOrNot as a brand differentiator and understand that this is a part of our natural progression as we continue to focus on understanding factors that impact loyalty and customer satisfaction at our stores,” shared Bill Mullen, president of retail, Rocket. “We are really excited about our partnership with HappyOrNot and our company-wide roll out because it keeps our goal of delivering efficient and superior customer experiences in sharp focus. We are confident that this venture will pay off in many ways for our brand.”

According to the press release, the data-driven approach with HappyOrNot allows Rocket to “take quick action in areas that need improvement” as well as “validate the results as seen through higher customer satisfaction scores and sales uplift.”