Flavor Trends To Watch in 2024

T. Hasegawa predicts that familiar and new flavors will be combined.

January 10, 2024

Familiar and innovative flavors will join together to make 2024 a year that could redefine consumers’ palates, according to T. Hasegawa’s 2024 Flavor Trends report. The report informed consumers that while “value is paramount and food prices strained consumer budgets, 2024 brings a twist to the culinary landscape.”

T. Hasegawa predicts that ube will shine as the flavor trend of the year. The purple, tuberous root hails from the Philippines and is described as “nutty, sweet and mildly earthy.”

Other flavors it cited as “novel and emerging” include apricot, blackberry, black currant, blood orange, chamoy, chimichurri, curry, date, dragonfruit, elderflower, gochujang, guava, hibiscus, kimchi, lemongrass, masala, melon, orange blossom, pear, pineapple, pistachio, tahini, tamarind, tart cherry and yuzu.

Familiar and new flavors will be combined, and consumers can expect flavor, fusion and excitement, the report stated. According to T. Hasegawa, some of the top trends include:

  • Twists on tradition: Twists on classics will breathe new life into timeless favorites, keeping excitement alive with minimal risk.
  • Global spice fusions: Spicy-sweet flavors are expected to draw inspiration from diverse cultures and create a multidimensional culinary experience.
  • Experiential adventure: Complex and unexpected flavor innovation will lead to a more experiential consumption journey.
  • Cultural connections: Specifying the international or regional cuisine that inspires a new dish will make it more approachable, as it will create a connection with familiar tastes and traditions.
  • Island delights: Island flavors will shine, offering a tropical escape.

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