Coca-Cola Launches New Spiced Permanent Flavor

It’s the first time in three years the company added a permanent addition to its portfolio.

February 07, 2024

For the first time in over three years, Coca-Cola is adding a new permanent offering to its North American portfolio: Coca-Cola Spiced, which is also available in zero sugar. The drink is not spicy as in hot, but instead is “Coke’s boldest-tasting brand innovation yet.” According to the company, Coca-Cola Spiced “blends the iconic taste of Coca-Cola with a burst of refreshing notes from raspberry and spiced flavors offering an uplifting taste experience unlike any other.”

The new flavor will hit shelves in mid-February, and will be available in a 12 oz sleek can, 12 oz 12-packs, 10-pack mini cans, 20 oz, .5 liter 6-packs and 2 liter bottles at most national retailers and will be priced similarly to other Coca-Cola products.

Coca-Cola Spiced is a direct response to category trends and consumer demand, offering “a unique formula in a differentiated taste territory,” the company stated. According to Coca-Cola, the food and beverage industry has seen a large increase in purchasing behaviors and interests surrounding spiced and/or raspberry flavored beverages and flavor offerings.

The company noted a 124% increase in consumer willingness to try spice in beverages since 2019, in addition to a 25% increase of interest in raspberry soft drinks over the last four years.

Coca-Cola first promoted the spiced beverages at the 2023 NACS Show.