Prairie Farms Enters Single-Serve Iced Coffee Category

Two new barista-style iced coffee drinks are now available.

February 05, 2024

Prairie Farms is expanding its presence in the ready-to-drink coffee category with two new single-serve options in mocha and caramel flavors. The single-serve introduction was inspired by the success of the company's iced coffee, which has been sold in half-gallon cartons since 2013.

"Our half-gallon iced coffee has paved a successful path for new single-serve iced coffee options," said Matt McClelland, CEO/EVP of Prairie Farms Dairy. "Iced coffee is our first new product launch in 2024, with many more to come throughout the year."

Prairie Farms barista-style iced coffee comes in 14-ounce bottles. The products will be available in thousands of convenience stores throughout the United States, as well as having a presence in grocery and mass merchandiser outlets.

Prairie Farms Dairy Inc. is one of the largest dairy cooperatives operating in the Midwest and the South. Elements of the cooperative include more than 600 farm families, 7,000 associates, 47 manufacturing plants, 100+ distribution facilities and annual sales of over $4.69 billion.

Recently White Bison Coffee announced the release of its winter flavors. And, Starbucks launched its Oleato beverages at all its locations nationwide.

In December 2023, Chobani, a food and beverage company originally known for its Greek yogurt, announced that it acquired coffee brand La Colombe for $900 million.