Titan Cloud Launches Fuel Asset Optimization

The software platform will help customers fully optimize fuel operations.

October 03, 2023

Titan Cloud has launched Fuel Asset Optimization, a software platform designed to deliver a consolidated view of vital data to manage risk and fuel profit in real time.

According to a company press release, the software platform is designed to “deliver precise data to the right people in real time for better proactive decision-making across compliance, maintenance and fuel operations.”

“Titan Cloud is proud of its industry-leading approach. We are delivering dramatic ROI and streamlined experiences at over 85,000 fuel sites worldwide with our future-proof platform,” said David Freese, CEO and chief product officer of Titan Cloud. “Our vision has been to deliver the most comprehensive and scalable software platform to the downstream fuel market, and I am excited to see our platform continue to expand and grow.”  

Fuel Asset Optimization is intended to allow customers to fully optimize their fuel operations, with the company describing it as an approach that “removes operational constraints, eliminates manual processes and decreases operational and compliance blind spots.”

“Managing fuel assets is very difficult and extremely expensive,” added John Huettel, chief revenue officer of Titan Cloud. “We are excited to help our clients move away from paper, spreadsheets and static reports to a more proactive, automated and integrated software platform.” 

Titan Cloud recently announced its acquisition of global fuel analytics software and field technologies provider Leighton O’Brien. Through the acquisition, Titan Cloud will accelerate its global growth and expand its footprint into six continents and 43 countries, adding 20,000 sites to its fuel monitoring capabilities to deliver faster ROI and streamlined experiences at over 85,000 gasoline stations worldwide.