Mars Launches Uber Eats Campaign

Uber is highlighting Skittles in ads across its apps.

October 24, 2023

Mars announced a brand-new collaboration between Uber and Skittles, with a campaign launching across Uber and Uber Eats. The collaboration is the first of its kind for the Mars Company.

As a part of the Uber and Skittles camapign, while costumers are taking a ride or waiting for their Uber Eats order, they will be able to interact with the Skittles website through journey and post-check out ads. Additionally, Uber consumers can add Skittles products to their Uber Eats shopping cart.

The new campaign “marks the next step of Mars’ online offensive,” as the company continues to find new opportunities to offer shoppers a smooth, omnichannel shopping experience, said the press release.

"To win in an increasingly digitally-connected world, our job is clear—deliver great brand experiences for people wherever they are. Our new partnership with Uber does just that. Whether you're on your way home from a night out or traveling back from the airport after a long flight, the Skittles products at the end of the rainbow are now within reach for Uber users across the US," said Tom Manktelow, senior manager, on demand delivery, Mars Snacking.

"With Uber, brands like Skittles are able to unlock new ways to connect with consumers where they are and when they're in a purchase mind-set," said Megan Ramm, head of CPG partnerships for Uber advertising. "It's always exciting for us to work with companies on innovative and platform-wide brand campaigns to help drive business results and connect with consumers in effective, measurable ways."

According to audience research company GWI, more than half of Uber users order their groceries online, and 85% of Uber users are the main person responsible for shopping in their household. Additionally, grocery and convenience stores are among the top five Uber Rides destinations.

The Uber and Skittles campaign is currently active in Atlanta, Houston, Dallas, Cincinnati, Phoenix, Nashville, and select locations in Florida.