Family Express Reveals New Modern Look

The convenience store retailer unveiled a new store look and expansion plan.

October 02, 2023

Indiana-based Family Express unveiled a new contemporary prototype ahead of its expansion plans. For the last three decades, the company’s exterior architecture was characterized by its classical, colonial look. According to the press release, the new prototype has a contemporary flair, and is intended to be aesthetically more inviting to a younger demographic.

Family Express Corporation’s President and Chief Executive Officer, Gus Olympidis, said, “The new prototype is challenging a successful tradition. Very much like sending one of your children to college, though you miss them, you know it will guarantee a better future. The contemporary feel of the new look is more inviting to a younger consumer, and it is transitioning our brand to the future ahead of major expansion to NTI stores.”

The new store design will feature a major focus on foodservice and a separate counter for traditional sales. The typical Family Express store offers indoor and outdoor seating, a car wash using mobile wallet technology and a pet wash.

Family Express also announced a sizeable development of over 20 new-to-industry sites that will be serviced by its central distribution facility in Valparaiso, Indiana. Gus Olympidis said, “Our company has been debt-free for a number of years, even though our past CapEx has been uncharacteristically aggressive. We feel empowered by our lack of leverage and our liquidity, as our channel is navigating through an ever-increasing interest rate environment.”