Americans Want New Snacks This Summer

Almost 75% of people said that road trips are a chance to enjoy offerings they've never tried before.

May 30, 2023

PLANO, Texas—Forty-nine percent of Americans eat three or more snacks per day, according to Frito-Lay and Quaker’s U.S. Summer Snack Index.

"Americans snack more in the summer, whether they're inside, outdoors or on the move. From boosting road trip morale to complementing an outdoor potluck, today's data confirms the integral role that snacks will play in many of this season's shared moments and activities," said Denise Lefebvre, senior vice president, PepsiCo Foods R&D.

Capturing the road tripper:

  • Nearly three out of four people said that road trips are a chance to enjoy offerings they've never tried before, while 85% of Americans said that planning snacks before hitting the road can "greatly reduce the stress" of a long road trip.
  • Snacks are a priority pitstop. Road trippers under 40 years old are twice as likely to prioritize finding the snacks they want over clean bathrooms on their stops.
  • Americans note that snacks provide an important morale boost during road trips (43%) and are key to staying sane in traffic (39%). While 44% of people report hiding snacks to keep them from other passengers, nearly one-quarter say they have used snacks to break an awkward car silence.
  • Forty-one percent of people note they would rather have control over road trip snacks than the music. Millennials (46%) show the greatest preference for snack control, as do parents (49%) when compared to non-parents (36%).

The ultimate summer soiree:

  • Americans note "something for everyone" (74%) and "easy to share" (63%) are the ideal attributes for food and snacks this summer. When compared to "easy-to-make" dishes, shareability still comes out on top (72% vs. 28%).
  • Party guests note overcooking the food (70%), waiting too long to serve food (62%) and not having enough snacks or appetizers (51%) among the worst hosting mistakes.

The great outdoors:

  • When it comes to outdoor sports, more than half of people (53%) say post-game snacks are more important than winning the game. Women (59%) are more likely to be excited for the post-game snacks than men (46%).
  • Parents note being in charge of their children's after-game snacks is more stressful than getting their kids to the game on time (42%). Dads feel more anxiety over the post-game ritual (46%) than moms (38%).
  • Nearly 60% of people say that snacks can make or break beach days, citing dropped snacks in the sand (42%) and running out of snacks (34%) as critical beach bummers.
  • Convenience is key: The survey found that consumers are more likely to purchase snacks that are conveniently packaged (79%), with individually wrapped snacks also preferred (52%). When selecting snacks for their children, parents noted variety (70%) was a top concern, with flavor and convenience tied for the second-most important attributes (64%).