Sheetz Giving One Customer Free Gas for Life

The retailer is running a sweepstakes that will allow a My Sheetz Rewardz member endless fill-ups.

May 10, 2023

ALTOONA, Pa.—Sheetz has launched a sweepstakes that will give one customer free gas for life, reports

The sweepstakes “Free Gas 4 Life” will run from now through August 31. Customers have to be a Sheetz rewards member. They can enter the sweepstakes through the My Sheetz App, e-mail, in store or via the prompt on the fuel pump while filling up. Customers can earn additional entries simply by filling up at the pump. Customers receive one additional entry per gallon of gas pumped with an associated My Sheetz Rewardz account. Customers can also redeem 100 Loyalty Pointz for an entry. Customers are able to track how many entries they have at the bottom of their receipt.

Along with one winner receiving free gas for life, six customers (corresponding to the number of states Sheetz operates in) will be awarded free gas for a year and up to 700 customers (corresponding to the number of stores Sheetz operates) will win a $500 Sheetz gift card.

price reduction of E85 to $1.85 a gallon through April 30. In March, for one week Sheetz reduced the price of its premium, mid-grade and ethanol free fuel grades to match the regular 87 prices. In January, it reduced the price of diesel by 50 cents for two weeks. It has also regularly been offering discounts on DEF.