McDonald’s Will Use Geofencing Tech

The QSR aims to provide users of its app with fresh food that’s ready when they arrive at the store.

March 28, 2023

ALEXANDRIA, Va.—McDonald’s will use geofencing technology to start making a customer’s mobile order when that customer is within three minutes of the restaurant. The goal is to avoid making the food too far ahead and suffering a loss of quality or making it when the customer arrives, in which case speed of service is sacrificed. The company calls this program “Ready on Arrival.”

According to Restaurant Business Online, the QSR said, “We’re committed to consistently delivering a fast and more seamless experience for fans using the McDonald’s app. We’ve rolled out app updates that will improve the mobile-order experience making it fast and convenient for those ordering ahead through the McDonald’s app for curbside, table service or in-store pickup.”

According to the site, “Mobile order customers tend to spend more when they do. They are also more profitable, at least theoretically, because an employee isn’t taking the order. And if these customers join the company’s loyalty program, they provide the brand with options for one-on-one marketing.”

PYMNTS also covered the news, noting that, according to a PYMNTS’ survey, “Waiting around is a significant source of friction for many restaurant customers who might otherwise order pickup. Roughly half (49%) of restaurant customers who make off-premises purchases say they would be more inclined to order their meal for pickup rather than have it delivered if they had the chance to use a special pickup line provided by the restaurant that guaranteed no waiting time.”