What Matters Most When It Comes to Food?

Speed, quality and order accuracy are top of mind for Millennials.

March 23, 2023

ALEXANDRIA, Va.—"What do you want for dinner?" should be an easy question to answer, right? But coming up with meal solutions three times a day—not counting snacks—is much more complicated than that.

A report by YouGov reveals that 80% of millennials say quality is key to their food purchasing decisions, and 52% say they’ll pay more for ready-made meals that are high quality and healthy. Nearly two-thirds of millennials (65%) believe transparency in food sourcing is important, and the same number (65%) prefer buying brands and products that use responsible sourcing practices.

Half of millennials seek out beverages and foods that are produced with less plastic and packaging. Of millennials who are parents, 71% say they make an effort to cook new dishes, versus 62% of all millennials.

Last-mile services have become a vital tool in helping millennials put dinner on the table.  U.S. food delivery more than doubled during the pandemic, providing access to more eating options. In addition to convenience and affordability, customers today expect more from food-delivery and value the following:

  • Speed of delivery, with a goal of under 30 minutes being a differentiator among platforms
  • Quality of food, with an expectation of restaurant-quality meals even after transit time
  • 100% order accuracy and completeness for regular items as well as special requests
  • Variety in cuisines and meal occasions

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