Coca-Cola’s New Creations Flavor Is Aimed at Gamers

Coca-Cola Ultimate is a collaboration with Riot Games, which publishes League of Legends.

June 08, 2023

ALEXANDRIA, Va.—Coca-Cola is launching another limited-edition flavor as part of its Creation series, and this one is aimed at gamers, reports CNN. Coke has partnered on the flavor with Riot Games, which publishes the multi-player online battle arena game League of Legends.

The exact flavor of Coca-Cola Ultimate won’t be disclosed, just like previous limited-time Creation flavors including Coca-Cola Starlight, Byte and Dreamworld. Ultimate is meant to taste like experience points, which are earned by League of Legends players based on how much time they spend playing the game.

The flavors are not meant to take permanent spots in Coca-Cola’s lineup, said CEO James Quincey during the Redburn CEO conference in November.

“They’re more engaging and more interesting, demonstrably, than a flavor, a Coke with vanilla or something,” he said. “Testing the boundaries … that’s about engagement with consumers.”

Each Coca-Cola Creation flavor comes with a digital component. Starlight’s packaging featured a QR code that granted customers access to a holographic Ava Max concert. Dreamworld drinkers could buy virtual merchandise for their online avatars.

“The digital component … is really at the heart of what Creations is,” Oana Vlad, senior director of global strategy at Coca-Cola, told CNN.

For Ultimate, players can earn Ultimate-themed emojis when they achieve certain goals in the game. A QR code on the bottle directs people to an Ultimate Instagram filter.

In February, Coca-Cola unveiled its first Creations flavor of 2023: Coca-Cola Move. The taste was described as bringing “to life the transformational power of music.” Coke partnered with global pop star Rosalía on the release.