Haffner’s Acquires Huhtala Oil & Propane and Concord Oil

Haffner’s operates 71 gas stations, convenience stores, car washes and foodservice locations.

June 21, 2023

Haffner’s announced it is expanding its presence in Massachusetts through the recent acquisition of Huhtala Oil & Propane and Concord Oil.

“Over the past decade, Haffner’s has grown rapidly because of its many successful acquisitions and is prepared for continued expansion in the future,” said Haffner’s in a statement.

Huhtala’s East Templeton office, which also contains a Mobil gas station with diesel offering, will begin operating under the Haffner’s name later this year.

Haffner’s, an Energy North Group company, also recently acquired Concord Oil, which includes a gas station and convenience store in Acton, Massachusetts, several bulk storage facilities located in both Acton and Concord, and a home heating delivery and HVAC business that serves communities in Middlesex County.

“Concord Oil and its employees are excited to be a part of the Haffner’s family,” said Mike Whaley, owner of Concord Oil. “Their culture of family, community and safety is what stood out to us and ensured they would not only take care of our people but carry on our reputation for reliable delivery and dependable service.”

Based in Lawrence, Massachusetts, Haffner’s operates 71 gas stations, convenience stores, car washes and foodservice locations. The Haffner’s brand distributes oil and propane while providing HVAC service to nearly 45,000 customers in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and southern Maine.

“We have partnered with Huhtala Oil & Propane and Concord Oil to expand our energy resources and offer customers a wider range of options through Haffner's,” said Jeff Black, owner and CEO of Haffner’s. "Both of these companies are committed to providing top-notch quality and service, and we will ensure that this tradition continues to thrive and expand alongside us."

Last month, Energy North announced the opening of its flagship Haffner’s location in Lawrence, Massachusetts. The site includes a gas station, car wash and convenience store, which contains both a Sal’s Pizza and the first ever Crack’d Kitchen Express.