Royal Farms Raises Over $3 million for Johns Hopkins Children’s Center

The coin cannister fundraising program has been in operation since 1994.

February 24, 2023

BALTIMORE—Baltimore-based convenience store retailer Royal Farms has been donating to Johns Hopkins Children's Center since 1994, raising over $3 million through its coin cannister initiative, the company announced.

Royal Farms plans to continue its dedicated efforts in supporting the Johns Hopkins community. Royal Farms’ funds have helped support families with financial need by alleviating stressful ancillary costs and financial burden, becoming a lifesaver for parents with children in the hospital. Additionally, unrestricted funds support the child life and social work programs, making the hospital a little less scary for Hopkins’ most vulnerable patients.

“We are so grateful for the extraordinary partnership of Royal Farms over the past three decades. Royal Farms’ support of Johns Hopkins Children’s Center has allowed us to provide our children and families with comfort-care programs and items not covered by insurance, as well as our faculty and staff with invaluable funds to further their research so that we can help even more families,” said Cynthia Palacz, Johns Hopkins spokesperson.

Without unrestricted funds, the Children’s Center would not be able to support faculty with grants to advance research, education and clinical care, further strengthening its ability to care for and treat patients at the Children’s Center and beyond. Royal Farms’ support of family meals and special events allows hospitalized children and their families to have fun and feel a sense of normalcy during an incredibly challenging time.

In November, Royal Farms provided details of its expansion into North Carolina.