American Snuff Company Issues Voluntary Recall Due to Possible Health Risk

The recall includes certain lots of its Kodiak Premium Wintergreen Longcut Tobacco.

December 11, 2023

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently announced that the American Snuff Company (ASC) has voluntarily recalled certain lots of its Kodiak Premium Wintergreen Longcut Tobacco. The recall applies to lots manufactured at an ASC facility in Clarksville, Tennessee and distributed in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, North Carolina, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, Wisconsin and West Virginia.

After identifying an issue with manufacturing equipment that caused metal to metal abrasion during a routine inspection, which could have resulted in foreign objects contaminating the product, ASC initiated the recall.

Kodiak Premium Wintergreen Longcut Tobacco lots affected by the recall can be identified by a code on the bottom of the cans. The codes are GxxxxlK3, GxxBxJK, GxxAxJK and GxxCxJK3.

To date, there have been no products identified as containing these foreign objects, no consumer complaints or reports of consumer injury received. None of ASC's other products are affected, including its other styles of Kodiak, Grizzly, Hawken and Cougar smokeless tobacco products or all of its loose leaf, twist, dry snuff and plug products.

ASC has instructed wholesalers and retailers to segregate the recalled Kodiak Premium Wintergreen Longcut Tobacco from their inventories. ASC's sales representatives are assisting wholesalers and retailers in returning the product.